Digital Art and Animation at MIT
(DAA@MIT or DAAMIT) is home to many of MIT's aspiring and experienced digital artists! Our club works to foster the digital arts community at MIT by providing people with the resources and peers needed to engage with digital art.

If you're interested in making comics, animation, 3D modeling, or simply learning how to use that drawing tablet for something other than Osu, you're welcome here!

Exec Board

Skylar Larsen

Tolu Akinbo
Treasurer / Publicity

Amani Toussaint

Alice Zhao

Alice Yu

Monthly Challenge:

Keep drawing over the summer.

Weekly Meetings:

Come draw with us on Saturdays at 3 PM MIT time. We meet in person except during breaks, when we meet online.
Contact daamit-exec@mit.edu for access to the club Discord server (MIT students only).

Other Events:

Activities Midway: 9/2

First Meeting: 9/10